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Download Printer Driver

Drivers are very important for the computer. They help you to connect the hardware with software if you don’t have drivers on your computer then not able to do anything with your software. Basically, they connect hardware functionality with the software so that you can easily run the software.  In this blog, we are going to discuss the printers and the river and I will show you how to install printer drivers on your computer. If you have a Windows computer then you can easily install a printer driver on your computer. You just need to follow the given steps very carefully. 


How to check Printer Driver updates?

 in order to check driver updates first of all you need to open the start menu on your desktop.  After that, you need to search for the control panel.  then you need to search for the option with the name of drivers and printers.  there you need to click on that. If you can check the update by clicking on the Start menu after that click on the Then clicks on update and recovery there you can check for the driver’s update.  In case you face any problem you can comment it is your query in the comment Boss we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


How to resolve a corrupted driver issue?

Most of the time we have noticed that this issue comes on the Windows operating system mainly the reason behind this error is because of the unstable internet connection due to which many times files or temporary drivers installed on your computer may be the cause of the corruption of Driver. In order to resolve this, you need to follow the given steps very carefully

System Restore

The previous version of the driver to Restore your system to the last restore ration point if you created the restore ration point regularly then you can simply do that but if you don’t know how to do that then you need to follow the next steps.


Run Blue Screen Troubleshooter

 The best way to resolve the error is to run Microsoft troubleshooting on your computer. You can run this troubleshooter very easily by just searching in the task menu or in the start menu by typing troubleshooter on the search column then click on then you see an option with the name of run troubleshoot you need to run that can so that it will scan on the problems in your driver it takes two to three minutes you have to wait for that.  Once the scan is complete you see problems then you need to remove them. 


Reinstall Printer Drivers

Installation of drivers is very easy e you just need to know your printer model ID then you can easily download the drivers of printer loses the need to go to your printers company website and make sure that the official website then you need to put the model number there and there you see a download option.  you have to click on the download button then you see a file download with the name of dry was once the downloading is complete you have to open.dat file and install that so that drivers can start working. 


SFC/ Scan now

In this method we are going to run the SF can now in the command prompt to run their first of all you need to open and box opening Run 2 all the windows key with one finger along with letter R after that you see your inbox comes up on your computer screen that person needs to type as CMD.  after that you see a  black window comes up on your screen where you need to type SFC/scan now. This will take at least two sets main to scan your computer completely so you have to wait for that was the scan is completed you see the corrupted files on your screen. 


Reconnect printer with the help of wire

If you have a wireless network then you need to buy a quad cable for that so that we can connect the printer with your printer.  if you have the cord cable with great just connect one and with the printed and another with the computer at turn on your printer it automatically install all the drivers into your computer.