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Now a day we know that printer is very important in our life style. Because whenever we want to print the document we can print at any time. Printer is used for all purpose like we can use the printer in offices and personal use also. But many a times we also face many problems with the printer while printing. In windows 7, windows xp and other more operating system except windows 10. In windows 10 operating system while printing the document that time we start getting the error printing message. Whenever we have important file to print that time this message occurs then we get panic about the error. But we should not get panic on it directly contact us on our direct toll-free number without thinking about anything. Print pedia have highly trained expert who is there to assist you with the proper solution of this error message. Not only this error any of the error will be resolved by our highly trained expert. That’s why without panicking contact us.

 How to resolve the error printing messages in windows 10?

Before preceding with any method or any step first up all check the printer by running in some different system. If the printer gets run in different system. 

Method 1: –Then we should update the USB drivers of that particular system. Some time we get this error printer messages because the USB drivers only. For updating the USB driver, you have to follow some method: –

  • First you have to press the windows button with the one finger and at the same time you have to also press the letter “R” button also to open the run dialog box.
  •  In the run dialog box, you have to type “devmgmt.msc” then after pressing the enter button. If you will see that you are prompted for an administrator password or for a any other type of confirmation, then first you have to type the password, and you have to click on the allow option.
  • Then after doing this you have to search the device manager in the search bar then there you have to expand the universal serial bus controllers.
  • After expanding the universal serial bus controller then there you will find the USB port driver. You have to ignore the all the drivers. Then there you have to right click on the USB controller driver and there you will see for the update driver software click on that.
  •  After doing this thing. In the next windows which will be appear, there you have to choose the option “search automatically for the update driver” but the system should be always get connected with the internet for the latest version of the driver.
  • After doing this all the process wait for a while for getting it completed and when it is completed then click on ok.

If the first method wont work or fix the problem of your then there is the second method. you should follow the second method for resolving the problem.

Method 2: – After updating the USB driver when it doesn’t work. Then we should Restart the printer spool service and after doing this then we should again clear the printing tasks. Because of huge amount of file get stored into the printing task that why this error occurs. After cleaning the printing task then it may work properly. For restarting the printer spool services and cleaning the printing task you have to just follow the method properly: –

  • First you have to press the windows button with the one finger and at the same time you have to also press the letter “R” button also to open the run dialog box.
  • In the run dialog box, you have to type “services. MSc” then after pressing the enter button. There you will see that the prompted and service windows get opened in front of you. 
  • In the service windows there you will see all the things are written in the alphabetically odder. By scrolling down the alphabetical list you will come across with the name “Print spooler” there you have to do right click then you have to select the stop option. Then the system will stop the running process that holds the printer.
  • After doing all these things then close all the windows and files which is opened in the computer. Then go to the start menu and there click on the My computer option for opening the windows explorer windows.
  • After stopping the printer queue service then clear all the jam that is already there.
  • When cleaning of jam is done then again we have to “restart the print spooler” services after doing all the things then again restart the computer system and also restart the printer device also.

If in case then also the problem is not solved then directly contact us and our expert will help you and resolve your problem. And you will get 100% solution from us and we also have verified and highly trained expert