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Brother printer

Sometimes you may encounter these types of problems in your brother’s printer, but you don’t need to worry about it is very common and we have combined them with you below, all you need are instructions. Needs to be followed very carefully and this will help you to solve this error. First of all, you need to check whether your printer is connected to the power cable correctly and whether it is connecting to your computer correctly or not, just a basic check-up and all that is needed Some alright go with these steps.

Step 1: Check the connection of your brother printer.

  1. Turn on your brother printer.
  2. After that check the  LED lights if they are indicating any kind of error message or not if it’s showing the red light there then call on our direct toll-free number.

Step 2:  Check the wire connection of the printer with the computer and with the power plug.


  1. First of all, unplug all the wires from the printer, from the power cable, and from the computer, and then re-establish the connection with them. 
  2. Make sure the wire is working fine.
  3. And why should not be longer than 2 meters?
  4.  also, check the connection if the USB cable is plugged into the USB port make sure it is in the USB port otherwise it does not work.


If still, it’s not working then we can proceed for this Tab 3 in that we need to check the printer driver on your computer just follow the instructions carefully.

Step 3: Printer Drivers: Check drivers of your computer you need to follow these steps that are given below as per your operating system.


  1. Windows 2000: First of all you need to open the printers folder for that you need to follow this command “Start => Settings => Printers”. 
  2. WIndows XD: Click Start => Printers and Faxes
  3. Windows 2007: Click Start => Devices and Printers
  4. Windows 10: Click Hardware and Sound => Devices and Printers.


After that follow the given steps:  if the brother printer is showing on the list then make it on the default. Click on the brother printer did need to do a right-click on it.  then click on the printer option. After that you need to click on the cancel all the documents then you see two options yes no you need to click on the yes of you there.


Step 4: After doing all steps tried to print a document from another app You can use Microsoft Chrome windows as to download any kind of PDF so that you can check is your printer working or not.  if that’s still not working you can go for the next chapter.


Step 4: Reinstall driver on your computer. 


First of all, you need to uninstall the driver of your printer. If you know how to delete driver then that great do it. If you don’t know how to do that just follow the given steps.


  1. Before proceeding further make sure that your printer is connected with the computer.
  2. Now first you need to open the start menu.
  3. Then select Devices and Printers.
  4. After that click on the remove option,

In case you face any drop your message in the comment box. I will definitely help you. 


Once you uninstall the driver then we have to reinstall them. For that, you need to follow the given step very carefully. And believe me, you don’t face any problem with installing drivers. 


  1. First of all, you have to go in front of your computer. So that you can check the model id. 
  2. After that visit the official website and type the model name in the search bar. Once you entered the model id then go and click on the download option. 
  3. Now we need to install the drivers on your computer for that just follow the given instructions carefully.
  4. Click on install. Then click on all the positive options like ok, yes, and allow. Once the installation is finished then go check the drivers. If you know how to check. Then that’s great. But if you don.t know just follow the given steps.
  5. Open control panel => then select printer => then click on the driver => make sure you had better be default.


Now I hope that your problem hab been resolved but I case you are still facing the same problem. Then you should need to check the ink in your printer. Let me guide you on how to check ink.


Laser Ink printer:

First of all, click on the windows key on your keyboard. Then you see a start menu there. You need to search for the printer and device. Then click on that. Click on the laser printer. Now after clicking on the laser printer, you see the name of the device which is not there or not. If it is there then press it and then try to print something.  If there is such a provider in which it appears that your cable is not connected then you have to connect your wire.  If none of these errors are coming from your printer and even then the printer is not printing from you. Then this problem is something else.  For this, you have to expand your printer. If still not, then you have to check your driver software.  Maybe there is a mistake in them.


Download the laser printer driver.


If your printer is only connected to your printer and even then he is not painting. Then it may be your driver’s fault.  For this, you have to check your driver because sometimes it happens.  By Mistake, any driver crashes due to which your printer does not work well. Then you have to open the start menu ones to check the driver.  Now after opening new in Star. Go to the app and security in it.  After going to the append feature, click the printer driver there. Now you have to see whether you have all the drivers.  If even one of them goes, then it is not happening, then you will have to download the driver in your printer.  If you do not have a driver CD which comes with a printer Then you will have to go and download the driver online.  If you do not know how to download online, then call the printer helpline number.  Our technician team will download your driver in the shortest possible time.


Check if the software is working properly or not.


If you have made a correction to all your drivers. Moreover, You are also able to see that all drivers of your printers are just in your computer and then when you are trying to print, but cannot print.  So the other reason for this is that the software you have downloaded, that software is no longer working to use your printer. Although you know whether you have downloaded the software by using some third party company. Because the software of that party company does not run properly. As there is a lot of problem for your computer as well because you are using third-party software. Then it can also be the reason that if you have a problem with your computer too. Now we can adjust you to the same thing that you download the original software of your printer. Because all the brand printers have their own software. Then you should download them and not to any third-party software. If you do not know how to download the original software then you can contact us directly. Our technician team is always there to help you.